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Where applicable Pahl & Associates have used their best efforts to provide correct and up to date immigration information on the website, however the information should not be regarded as authoritative and is not to be construed or relied on as immigration advice. 

Information in this website may not always be updated and it is often a summary of the rules, regulations, policies and procedures, which are considerably more detailed. Pahl & Associates cannot accept liability for any loss resulting from the reliance on such information. 

More detailed and up to date guidance of the immigration rules, visa types, variations and extensions of stay, schemes, concessions, appeals and all criteria, etc. should be sought by contacting Pahl & Associates directly, as the advice and strategy adopted for each case will vary depending on individual/business circumstances. 

Pahl & Associates renders legal immigration advice to clients who have signed the firms Terms and Conditions of Engagement. All communications from non-clients and any such preliminary advice should not be regarded as definitive legal advice. 

Pahl & Associates is not responsible for the content of any external sites that may be accessed through this website.

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